Tiny Travels – Print and Play

Roll-and-write sightseeing game that let’s you explore a city by traveling its map

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In Tiny Travels you try to make the most of your vacation.

Visit amazing sights, taste a variety of foods and bring home great souvenirs.

Whoever experiences the most within seven days wins the game.

Print and play at home

This is the downloadable print and play version of Tiny Travels. Upon purchase you will receive a download link where you can download the game’s rules and print files in all available languages. This product also contains access to all future content and updates.

All files are available for printing as PDF in DIN A4 format. The game sheet is available in color or as an ink-saving black and white version, as well as a JPG file for digital use.

How it works

Each round, one player rolls four dice and chooses two of them to pursue activities at twelve different locations. All other players get the remaining two dice.

For each die you can cross off one matching number box of an activity at your current location. If you cross off all boxes of an activity you get the activity symbols associated with it. Activity symbols are your main source of points at the end of the game.

You can also choose to move to an adjacent location once per turn and use one or both dice there.

Lastly the player who rolled the dice has to recommend an activity they pursued for the other players to follow.

The game ends after 21 rounds have been played. The final score is calculated and the player with the most points had the most fulfilling journey.


You need one game sheet and one pen for each player. As well as four six-sided dice in total.


Game Design, Illustrations, Graphic Design & Development
Torben Ratzlaff



Play time

30-45 minutes




English, German

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