Welcome Words

Cooperative card game that let’s you see the world through the eyes of others

IMPORTANT: This game is in German

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In Welcome Words you describe terms to each other with pictures and try as a team to guess as many terms as possible.

It’s perfect for getting to know people better you have only met recently.

The game can also be used as a language exercise for groups of none native speakers.


How it works

Each round one player has to guess a term (an adjective) that was chosen randomly out of 5 terms from a laying out word card.

All other players try to help them by playing a picture card that fits the chosen term best. After that they play a second picture card that fits the opposite of the chosen term best.

Then the guessing player has to make their guess.

The game ends when each player was the guessing player twice. The goal for the group is to describe and guess as many terms correctly as possible.



50 Picture Cards
16 Word Cards
5 Number Cards
8 Rule Cards



Game Design, Graphic Design & Development
Torben Ratzlaff

Justine Barthel

Celine Barthel

Initiative & Funding
Welcome Dinner e.V.

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.2 × 2.8 cm


Play time

30-60 minutes





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