Beacon Patrol

Explore the North Sea and secure its waterways

1 – 4 players | 30 – 45 minutes | ages 8+
The "Beacon Patrol" main image. Showing the logo in the top and an illustrated scene of a coast guard ship in the front and a lighthouse in the back.


Beacon Patrol is a cooperative and relaxing tile laying exploration game.

You play as captains of the Coast Guard, navigating the coast of the North Sea to secure its beacon buoys, lighthouses and waterways.

Work together with your friends and score points by creating the most complete map following simple rules for tile placement and scoring for different tile types.

How it works

The ships of all captains start at the Coast Guard HQ and build the map from there.

On your turn you place up to three tiles, connecting to the tile your ship currently occupies. Tiles must not be rotated and all their edges have to match.

After placing a tile you immediately move your ship onto it. By spending one of your tokens you can take an additional movement to a connected tile. You can also exchange one of your unplayed tiles with another player once each turn.

The game ends when all tiles have been played. You score points for each tile that is connected to other tiles on all four sides.

Play Online

You can play Beacon Patrol for free in your browser. It is available in English over at

Purchase the Game

The Beacon Patrol board game has been released in August 2023 by Pandasaurus Games.

You can get the game directly from them or at other shops or on plattforms like amazon.

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