Welcome Words

See the world through the eyes of others

2 – 5 players | 30 – 60 minutes | ages 10+
The Welcome Words box surrounded by a grid of playing cards that display various illustrations.
The "Welcome Words" cardgame box in white on a pink and black background. The box shows the logo in the center, illustrations of plates and hands grabbing photographed food from them, in two corners.
A Welcome Words game scene showing several cards layed out. One card has 5 words on it and above it are 6 different cards with illustrations on them.
The Welcome Words box and three card stacks consisting of different card types, illustrations, numbers and words.
All 79 cards of Welcome Words layed out in a grid. Mostly displaying the illustrated picture cards.


In Welcome Words you describe terms to each other with pictures and try as a team to guess as many terms as possible.

It’s perfect for getting to know people better you have only met recently.

The game can also be used as a language exercise for groups of none native speakers.

How it works

Each round one player has to guess a term (an adjective) that was chosen randomly out of 5 terms from a laying out word card.

All other players try to help them by playing a picture card that fits the chosen term best. After that they play a second picture card that fits the opposite of the chosen term best.

Then the guessing player has to make their guess.

The game ends when each player was the guessing player twice. The goal for the group is to describe and guess as many terms correctly as possible.

Play Online

You can play Welcome Words for free in your browser. It is available in English and German over at Screentop.gg.

Purchase the Game

You can buy Welcome Words directly in our shop.

If you would like to purchase a larger number for your association or company, please contact us for more information.


50 Picture Cards
16 Word Cards
5 Number Cards
8 Rule Cards


Game Design, Graphic Design & Development
Torben Ratzlaff

Justine Barthel

Celine Barthel

Initiative & Funding
Welcome Dinner e.V.

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